Knowledge Engineering [chapter]

2014 Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining  
Knowledge Engineering is the aspect of systems engineering which addresses uncertain process requirements by emphasising the acquisition of knowledge about a process and representing this knowledge in a Knowledge Based System. The discipline has moved from one producing small expert systems to one producing embedded KBS in larger computational solutions. This transition has resulted in the development of methodologies that guide the knowledge engineering of a product. The KADS methodology is
more » ... cribed to show how structured knowledge engineering of a problem can be based on documented techniques for project management, analysis, and design. However, such techniques still result in the development of independent systems in isolated domains and do not optimise the re-use of general knowledge. The CYC project to represent a portable set of general knowledge that can be used as a basis for any novel system is described. MMI 2 is the third project described which addresses the engineering of knowledge about communication itself, rather than a discrete problem domain, into the interface of computer systems to improve the interaction with the user, as well as the solving of domain problems.
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