Investigation of the effect of coal particle sizes on the interfacial and rheological properties of coal-water slurry fuels. Quarterly report No. 3, January 1, 1995--March 31, 1995 [report]

K.D. Kihm
1995 unpublished
Microscopic behavior of the bubble pressure has been investigated for selected;aqueous solutions. The Kruss dynamic tensiometer has been modified so that the analog pressure readings of the instrument can be digitized through a computer interface for post data processing. Measurements of peak pressure, minimum pressure, surfactant diffusion time, and dead time are presented for DDBSsoft and 1840-x aqueous solutions of surfactant concentrations of up to 1.0%. The implementation of the A-to-D
more » ... n of the A-to-D data conversion also permits to examine the accuracy of the dynamic surface tension measurement which is based on the maximum bubble pressure principle. ACCOMPLISHMENT Modification of the Existing Kruss Tensiometer Analog signal output from the diaphragm type pressure transducer of the Kruss tensiometer is interfaced with an A-to-D board installed in an IBM 386 PC. ATLAB data acquisition software from Data Translation Co. samples the analog signal at a rate of 0.2 kHz and digitizes them into the computer hard disk memory.
doi:10.2172/94671 fatcat:qqdxgbkpv5axxmfnh7ppasq7dq