A Survey of Anticipatory Mobile Networking: Context-Based Classification, Prediction Methodologies, and Optimization Techniques

Nicola Bui, Matteo Cesana, S. Amir Hosseini, Qi Liao, Ilaria Malanchini, Joerg Widmer
2017 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials  
A growing trend for information technology is to not AQ1 1 just react to changes, but anticipate them as much as possible. 2 This paradigm made modern solutions, such as recommendation 3 systems, a ubiquitous presence in today's digital transactions. 4 Anticipatory networking extends the idea to communication tech-5 nologies by studying patterns and periodicity in human behavior 6 and network dynamics to optimize network performance. This 7 survey collects and analyzes recent papers leveraging
more » ... ontext 8 information to forecast the evolution of network conditions and, 9 in turn, to improve network performance. In particular, we iden-10 tify the main prediction and optimization tools adopted in this 11 body of work and link them with objectives and constraints of the 12 typical applications and scenarios. Finally, we consider open chal-13 lenges and research directions to make anticipatory networking 14 part of next generation networks. 15
doi:10.1109/comst.2017.2694140 fatcat:xdpdceqnwfgprdlpmbeuhufl4u