Smart Surveillance Camera of Detection Human

YONGZHE XU, EunJu Kim, Byungsoo Lee
2013 Interdisciplinary Research Theory and Technology   unpublished
The Surveillance camera problem in detection human and car remove noise, find object quickly. In orginal algorithm using different of frame or find curve to detection human. Surveillance camera system in illumination problem is very challenge task. Illumination and environment light is change object reflecting energy. From start using surveillance camera their system has many problems, wind change camera pose, cloud, illumination condition, cat and dog all these noise from surveillance camera
more » ... rveillance camera is moving object because the camera field of view these object is change background. These problems for all automatic surveillance system detection object of interest in input scene. Common algorithm is for segmentation of moving object is DOF( Different of Frame) background subtraction. But all these algorithm not enough to find human accuracy. Early times HOG algorithm is need long computing time. GPU(graphic process unit) can support it to real time detection human and car.
doi:10.14257/astl.2013.29.17 fatcat:bczmx23rtfcdbip43vnfpbis2q