Merging Word Senses

Sumit Bhagwani, Shrutiranjan Satapathy, Harish Karnick
2013 Workshop on Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing  
WordNet, a widely used sense inventory for Word Sense Disambiguation(WSD), is often too fine-grained for many Natural Language applications because of its narrow sense distinctions. We present a semi-supervised approach to learn similarity between WordNet synsets using a graph based recursive similarity definition. We seed our framework with sense similarities of all the word-sense pairs, learnt using supervision on humanlabelled sense clusterings. Finally we discuss our method to derive coarse
more » ... sense inventories at arbitrary granularities and show that the coarse-grained sense inventory obtained significantly boosts the disambiguation of nouns on standard test sets.
dblp:conf/textgraphs/BhagwaniSK13 fatcat:yt53f34hevgbbiqflvztcqbhoq