PENGARUH MOTIVASI KERJA TERHADAP PRODUKTIFITAS PEGAWAI (Studi pada pegawai Dinas PU Kabupaten Kepulauan Selayar)

Prodi Manajemen, Fakultas Ekonomi
2016 unpublished
ABSTRACK High Motivation Job can reach by if entire/all element-existing element in institution integrated better and can run its role as according to requirement and desire of officer. On that account needed by support with existence of interest utilize to improve officer productivity. Interest and high motivation wigwag that organization managed better and basal sevcara will yield behavior of effective manajeen. Target of this research is to analyse and know influence motivate to officer
more » ... ctivity. Research method the used[is method of survey, namely and descriptive of explanatory survey, and to Research method the used [is] method of survey, namely and descriptive of explanatory survey, and to test research hypothesis used by multivariate statistika by means of. Structural test of Equation Model (SEM), while for data processing to use program of LISREL 8,30 (Linear of Structural Relationship) Result of Research Indicate that (1) Interest [job/activity] motivation covering intellectual interest, emotional interest and social interest [at] officer On duty Public Work Of Sub-Province archipelago of [Screen/Sail] of[is included in high category. (2) Productivity officer On duty public work of Sub-Province Archipelago of Screen of[ s included in category of tetinggi. Accuracy of time of menyelesaiakan work obtain;get high score compared to the quality of result of officer job. (3) Result of examination of second hypothesis showing the existence of.