Energy efficiency and performance of servopneumatic drives for speed governors based on operating points

Vinícius Vigolo, Gregori Conterato, Talles Spada, Leonardo Augusto Weiss, Victor Juliano De Negri
In this paper, the energy efficiency and dynamic performance of servopneumatic drivers are studied aiming at the correct sizing of the system components. The study is carried out through a non-linear dynamic model of a servopneumatic system. The simulation data are used along with the operating point method in order to understand the effect of loading conditions in the system performance, which is then used as a tool for component sizing. The results show the effects that the piston area has on
more » ... piston area has on the energy efficiency and dynamic behavior of the system. Moreover, the dependency of the servovalve size on the piston area is elucidated. A procedure to design an effective combination of piston area and sonic conductance of the servovalve is presented. A practical case where a servopneumatic system is being designed for the speed governor of a hydraulic turbine is described, evidencing the suitability of the proposed method for servopneumatic systems.
doi:10.25368/2020.94 fatcat:vtn25ogrirhevd5j2rxrzz6ouy