On the Comparison of Effectiveness of Direct Instruction Method and Multimedia Instruction on Students Suffering from Special Learning Disorder along with Defects in Dictation

Samad Azimigaroosi, Farshad Zhiean, Hadi Farahmand
2015 International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences  
Dictation defect is one of the most rampant special learning disorders among students which accounts for around 30% of all the learning disorders. This research was conducted with the aim of comparing the effectiveness of the direct instruction and multimedia instruction on the dictation defects. The research methodology is of an experimental method along with pretest and posttest accompanied with a control group. After preparing necessary instruments for this research, i.e. the Wechsler
more » ... gence test for children, Dictation instruction software and Karimi dictation tests, the number of 39 male third grade junior students was chosen through multistage sampling method from among Kermanshah schools and was randomly placed in three 13 people groups. A group was administered the independent variable of direct instruction while the second group was administered the independent variable of multimedia instruction whereas the control group did not receive any intervention. After collecting the students' dictation scores of all three groups in the pretest and posttest, data were analyzed via using the SPSS software and through Covariance analysis. Results revealed that direct instruction and multimedia instruction were meaningfully effective on the improvement of dictation disorder. Also, direct instruction was found to be more effective than the multimedia instruction.
doi:10.18052/www.scipress.com/ilshs.62.8 fatcat:vjhevxsy4fdnzpivzifn22mjmu