An interface design tool based on explicit task models

Tom Hinrichs, Ray Bareiss, Lawrence Birnbaum, Gregg Collins
1996 Conference companion on Human factors in computing systems common ground - CHI '96  
Producing high-quality, comprehensible human interfaces is a difficult, labor-intensive process that requires experience and judgment. In this paper, we describe an approach to assisting this process by using explicit models of the user's task to drive the interface design and to serve as a functional component of the interface itself. The task model helps to ensure that the resulting interface directly and transpru-ently supports the user in performing his task, and serves as a scaffolding for
more » ... s a scaffolding for providing in-context help and advice. By crafting a library of standardized, reusable tasks and interface constructs, we believe it is possible to capture some of the design expertise and to amortize much of the labor required for building effective user interfaces. Keywords Model-based Interface Design Tools, Task Analysis
doi:10.1145/257089.257316 fatcat:pc6avrcdqfgujlynesyb5mjrvu