Approaches to Youth Participation in Youth and Community Work Practice: A Critical Dialogue

Timothy Corney, Howard Williamson, Roger Holdsworth, Robyn Broadbent, Katherine Ellis, Harry Shier, Trudi Cooper
Co-contributors Introduction Chapter 1. What is 'Youth Participation'? Chapter 2. Models of Youth Participation -are they helpful? Chapter 3. Perspectives on Participation -is the process linear and hierarchical, sequential and developmental, or organic and circuitous? Chapter 4. Do All Young People Want to Participate? Chapter 5. Are There Limits to Participation and Young People's Decision Making? Chapter 6. Why Should Young People Participate? Chapter 7. Empowerment and Co-design -what roles
more » ... do they play in participation? And what is the role of 'listening' to young people? Chapter 8. Agency and Control -is it important that young people have control? Chapter 9. Are Alliances with Adults Strategically Important for Young People's Participation -or is there a danger? Chapter 10. Youth Engagement and Participation -can these two concepts work together? Chapter 11. What is the Relationship Between Citizenship and Participation? Chapter 12. Can Participation Go Wrong -even with the best intentions? Chapter 13. Can Too Much be Asked of Young People's Participation? Chapter 14. What are the Organisational and Structural Barriers to Participation? Chapter 15. Are All Voices Equal in Youth Participation? Chapter 16. How Should Ethnicity, Culture and Diversity be Considered in Participation? Chapter 17. How Should Disadvantaged Young People be Included in Participation? Conclusion CO-CONTRIBUTORS (IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER) Dr Robyn Broadbent is Professor of Youth Work and a qualified youth worker. She has been a long-term executive member of the Youth Workers Association and worked for many years as a local council youth worker in the western suburbs of Melbourne. She has taught youth work for over 25 years and is currently the coordinator of the youth and community work degrees at Victoria University.
doi:10.26196/8jf3-ve34 fatcat:hzyvazsuzvg7hiyinydjqasa2i