Mussel defensins are synthesised and processed in granulocytes then released into the plasma after bacterial challenge

G Mitta, F Vandenbulcke, F Hubert, P Roch
1999 Journal of Cell Science  
MGD1 (Mytilus galloprovincialis defensin 1), a new member of the arthropod defensin family, is a 4 kDa antibacterial peptide previously isolated from the plasma of Mediterranean mussels. We report here the presence of MGD1 in the organelle-rich fraction of hemocytes and the cDNA sequence corresponding to MGD1 and one new isoform mRNA: MGD2. Sequence analysis indicated that MGDs are synthesised as precursors consisting of a putative signal peptide of 21 residues, the active peptide of 39 amino
more » ... ids and a 21 residue carboxyl-terminal extension, rich in acidic amino acids. Localisation of the transcripts by northern blot revealed that the precursors are abundantly expressed in hemocytes. Immunocytochemistry at both the optical and ultrastructural levels showed that defensins (i) are predominantly located in vesicles of a granulocyte subclass of hemocytes containing small granules, (ii) are also found in large clear granules of another granulocyte subclass, and (iii) that MGD immune reactivity existed in granular structures of enterocytes. Finally, we revealed that bacterial challenge triggered a plasmatic increase of MGD1 concentration and gave evidence of the simultaneous release of the peptides from the hemocytes.
pmid:10564642 fatcat:obhxvb4k4beqlbd6vcckfw73iq