Stroop Performance in Normal Control Subjects: An fMRI Study

Staci A. Gruber, Jadwiga Rogowska, Philip Holcomb, Salvatore Soraci, Deborah Yurgelun-Todd
2002 NeuroImage  
In an attempt to clarify regional signal intensity changes, which may accompany the performance of the Stroop Color-Word task, healthy subjects were imaged using the fMRI BOLD technique while performing a modified version of the task. Both the AAA and VOA subdivisions of the anterior cingulate cortex were significantly activated during the interference condition; however, only the signal intensity change within the VOA correlated with task performance. Additionally, signal intensity change was
more » ... ignificantly increased in the VOA subdivision of the cingulate cortex when controlling for signal intensity change present during the performance of a color naming task. This study extends previous findings by demonstrating that in healthy adults, a subdivision of the cingulate cortex is specifically associated with the cognitive demands present in the interference condition. © 2002 Elsevier Science (USA)
doi:10.1006/nimg.2002.1089 pmid:12030821 fatcat:bv2gfhpnmrf2vlkfgujpwimvau