Transcriptome sequencing identified hub genes for hepatocellular carcinoma by weighted-gene co-expression analysis

Qi Pan, Xianli Long, Liting Song, Dachun Zhao, Xiaoyuan Li, Dewei Li, Min Li, Jinxue Zhou, Xia Tang, Hong Ren, Keyue Ding
2016 OncoTarget  
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common malignancies worldwide, and it remains a challenge to understand the genetic mechanisms underlying hepatocarcinogenesis. A global gene network of differential expression profiles in HCC has yet to be fully characterized. In the present study, we performed transcriptome sequencing (mRNA and lncRNA) in liver cancer and cirrhotic tissues of nine HCC patients. We identified differentially expressed genes (DEGs) and constructed a weighted gene
more » ... co-expression network for the DEGs. In total, 755 DEGs (747 mRNA and eight lncRNA) were identified, and several co-expression modules were significantly associated with HCC clinical traits, including tumor location, tumor grade, and the α-fetoprotein (AFP) level. Of note, we identified 15 hub genes in the module associated with AFP level, and three (SPX, AFP and ADGRE1) of four hub genes were validated in an independent HCC cohort (n=78). Identification of hub genes for HCC clinical traits has implications for further understanding of the molecular genetic basis of HCC.
doi:10.18632/oncotarget.9555 pmid:27220887 pmcid:PMC5122405 fatcat:wgqowedygje2tfni5uriembpfu