Transport properties of single-walled carbon nanotube transistors after gamma radiation treatment

S. A. Vitusevich, V. A. Sydoruk, M. V. Petrychuk, B. A. Danilchenko, N. Klein, A. Offenhäusser, A. Ural, G. Bosman
2010 Journal of Applied Physics  
Single-walled carbon nanotube field-effect transistors ͑CNT-FETs͒ were characterized before and after gamma radiation treatment using noise spectroscopy. The results obtained demonstrate that in long channel CNT-FETs with a length of 10 m the contribution of contact regions can be neglected. Moreover, radiation treatment with doses of 1 ϫ 10 6 and 2 ϫ 10 6 rad allows a considerable decrease parallel to the nanotube parasitic conductivity and even the shift region with maximal conductivity to
more » ... voltage range of nearly zero gate voltage that improves the working point of the FETs. The Hooge parameters obtained before and after gamma radiation treatment with a dose of 1 ϫ 10 6 rad are found to be about 5 ϫ 10 −3 . The parameters are comparable with typical values for conventional semiconductors.
doi:10.1063/1.3340977 fatcat:ognd6rgvrjggthj3tn2o2zjw5e