Satish Chandra the Master'sLuminious and Dramatic Atmosphere

Abdul Salam Khan, Saroj Bhargava
2017 AGU International Journal of Research in Social Sciences & Humanities)   unpublished
Satish Chandra's paintings are executed dramatic, romantic subjects by emphasizing luminosity, and atmosphere. His renowned use of color is directly linked to his use of light. He had a love of depicting color in new and experimental ways and this was heavily influenced by the different ways objects would look depending on the time of day. Such a pursuit, which included both night and day, meant that Chandra's use of color was widely ranged. His use of dark tones was often utilized in order to
more » ... urther highlight his use of brighter colors. Satish Chandra was heavily influenced by the masters that came before him. After closely studying the techniques of fellow Romantic landscape artists, John Constable and JWM Turner, Chandra began to develop his own unique Individualistic style. His greatest influence however, came du ring his travels when he witnessed nature of northern plain of India. Chandra's personal Impressionist ability is said to have reached its peak with his Messy Jungle and Mountainscape series and Blossom series and these paintings were what most people thi nk of when considering Chandra's illustrious career. After this high point came Chandra's continued pursuit of actualizing the effects of the changing day on scenes.