Synergies of Spaceborne Imaging Spectroscopy with Other Remote Sensing Approaches

Luis Guanter, Maximilian Brell, Jonathan C.-W. Chan, Claudia Giardino, Jose Gomez-Dans, Christian Mielke, Felix Morsdorf, Karl Segl, Naoto Yokoya
2018 Surveys in geophysics  
Imaging spectroscopy (IS), also commonly known as hyperspectral remote sensing, is a powerful 13 remote sensing technique for the monitoring of the Earth's surface and atmosphere. Pixels in optical hyper-14 spectral images consist of continuous reflectance spectra formed by hundreds of narrow spectral channels, 15 allowing an accurate representation of the surface composition through spectroscopic techniques. However, 16 technical constraints in the definition of imaging spectrometers make
more » ... ral coverage and resolution to 17 be usually traded by spatial resolution and swath width, as opposed to optical multispectral (MS) systems 18 typically designed to maximize spatial and/or temporal resolution. This complementarity suggests that a 19 synergistic exploitation of spaceborne IS and MS data would be an optimal way to fulfill those remote 20 sensing applications requiring not only high spatial and temporal resolution data, but also rich spectral in-21 formation. On the other hand, IS has been shown to yield a strong synergistic potential with non-optical 22 remote sensing methods, such as thermal infrared (TIR) and light detection and ranging (LiDAR). In this 23 contribution we review theoretical and methodological aspects of potential synergies between optical IS 24 and other remote sensing techniques. The focus is put on the evaluation of synergies between spaceborne 25 optical IS and MS systems because of the expected availability of the two types of data in the next years. 26 Short reviews of potential synergies of IS with TIR and LiDAR measurements are also provided. 27 Keywords Imaging spectroscopy · multispectral remote sensing · synergy · data fusion · spatial 28 enhancement · thermal infrared · LiDAR 29
doi:10.1007/s10712-018-9485-z fatcat:gjjdg332y5bnxiwbuowl5gecbi