Two Near-Optimal Layouts for Trusslike Bridge Structures Bearing Uniform Weight between Supports

Jaime Cervera Bravo, Carlos Vázquez Espí, Mariano Vázquez Espí
2014 Journal of Structural Engineering  
Although the primary objective on designing a structure is to support the external loads, the achievement of an optimal layout that reduces all costs associated with the structure is an aspect of increasing interest. The problem of finding the optimal layout for bridgelike structures subjected to a uniform load is considered. The problem is formulated following a theory on economy of frame structures, using the stress volume as the objective function and including the selection of appropriate
more » ... on of appropriate values for statically indeterminate reactions. It is solved in a function space of finite dimension instead of using a general variational approach, obtaining near-optimal solutions. The results obtained with this profitable strategy are very close to the best layouts known to date, with differences of less than 2% for the stress volume, but with a simpler layout that can be recognized in some real bridges. This strategy could be a guide to preliminary design of bridges subject to a wide class of costs.
doi:10.1061/(asce)st.1943-541x.0000905 fatcat:ntwjyjrb4bg6bo3r5p4pv6scku