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1836 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
and especially the oblique one. The whole inlet of the pelvis was considerably narrowed. Under these circumstances the author considered the only hope for mother and child lay in performing the Caesarean operation. This was accordingly done in the usual manner, and a healthy child extracted. After the operation the patient seemed more lively than could have been expected, but in a few days unfavorable symptoms set in, viz. frequent vomiting and costiveness. Some calomel, with an occasional
more » ... an occasional enema, was administered ; this brought away a quantity of feces and wind, and the patient felt much improved. The amelioration continued for the following days ; the lochia now set in, and milk was secreted from the mamma? ; howevei, the wound did not present an appearance of speedy union ; it was half open, and at the second dressing its edges were completely separated. The author, therefore, thought it best to heal by the second intention ; the wound soon began to suppurate ; everything went on well, and it was healed in less than seven weeks. During this period the woman did not suffer from any of her former pains, and was carefully restored. The child died on the fifth week. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. BOSTON, JULY 13, 1836 THE BRITISH AND FOREIGN MEDICAL REVIEW.
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