Multicomponent Dispersion of Hydrocarbons at Sea: Source Term Evaluation and Hydrodynamic Simulation of the Spill

Tomaso Vairo, Stefania Magri, Patrizia De Gaetano, Mauro Quagliati, Bruno Fabiano
2018 Chemical Engineering Transactions  
The evaluation of the ecological consequences of spill accidents including factors such as persistence, and long-term exposure became more stringent following some notable events and still represents an up-to-date research issue. This study focuses on the possibility of proper source identification of a multi component sea spill and is motivated by actual findings of small quantities of floating and/or stranded waxy material in some areas of Liguria and Tuscany, in early summer 2017. The paper
more » ... resents a thorough hydrodynamic simulation, carried out with an oil-spill Lagrangian particle model to study the trajectories of the different released material and determine its probable source. A short-cut mathematical simulation of the step-by-step process of formation by on-board activities and subsequent water interaction is proposed so as to highlight the limitations and the potential applicability of the method, also in light of setting-up early warning systems to prevent stranding of the oil slick in sensitive coast environments.
doi:10.3303/cet1867011 doaj:f6aa16de850f43f0adee3daedb916c23 fatcat:drhdj3w2t5gmznxsrcgdtsbzny