A New Efficient Algorithm for Embedding an Arbitrary Binary Tree into Its Optimal Hypercube

Volker Heun, Ernst W. Mayr
1996 Journal of Algorithms  
The £ -dimensional binary hypercube is a very popular model of parallel computation. On the other hand, the execution of many algorithms can be represented by binary trees, making desirable fast simulations of binary trees on hypercubes. In this paper, we present a simple one-to-one embedding of arbitrary binary trees into their optimal hypercubes with dilation 8 and constant congestion. The novelty of our method is based on the use of an intermediate quadtree data structure, which also permits
more » ... the embedding to be efficiently computed on the hypercube itself.
doi:10.1006/jagm.1996.0018 fatcat:6m5g34qsvnfmtd72b4pqazjvde