Generation Of Software Tools From Processor Descriptions For Hardware/software Codesign

M.R. Hartoog, J.A. Rowson, P.D. Reddy, S. Desai, D.D. Dunlop, E.A. Harcourt, N. Khullar
Proceedings of the 34th Design Automation Conference  
An experimental set of tools that generate instruction set simulators, assemblers, and disassemblers from a single description was developed to test if retargetable development tools would work for commercial DSP processors and microprocessors. The processor instruction set was described using a language called nML. The TMS320C50 DSP processor and the ARM7 microprocessor were modeled in nML. The resulting instruction set models execute about 25,000 instructions per second, and compiled
more » ... d compiled instruction set simulation models execute about 150,000 instructions per second. The viability of this approach and the deficiencies of nML are discussed.
doi:10.1109/dac.1997.597162 fatcat:hmk6au5a6fa2phvqhg7eja2txq