Comparison of Fission Product Yields and Their Impact [report]

S. Harrison
2006 unpublished
This memorandum describes the Naval Reactors Prime Contractor Team (NRPCT) Space Nuclear Power Program (SNPP) interest in determining the expected fission product yields from a Prometheus-type reactor and assessing the impact of these species on materials found in the fuel element and balance of plant. Theoretical yield calculations using ORIGEN-S and RACER computer models are included in graphical and tabular form in Attachment, with focus on the desired fast neutron spectrum data. The known
more » ... m data. The known fission product interaction concerns are the corrosive attack of iron-and nickel-based alloys by volatile fission products, such as cesium, tellurium, and iodine, and the radiological transmutation of krypton-85 in the coolant to rubidiurn-85, a potentially corrosive agent to the coolant system metal piping. Background The performance demands on Prometheus-I fuel elements were unique. Conventional nuclear reactor fuel elements generally operate for relatively short lifetimes (-3-6 years in commercial reactors), at relatively low temperatures, and are utilized in an environment where periodic inspection and replacement of defected fuel elements is possible. For Prometheus-I, fuel elements would have needed to operate at extremely high temperatures (up to 1450 K in some concepts) for periods of 15 or more years. Inspection and replacement would not be possible, so an extremely high degree of reliability was necessary. Fulfilling these requirements necessitated a detailed understanding of how the various components of a fuel element interact. In particular, studies of the interaction of fuel and fission products with reactor core components (claddings, liners, springs, etc) and down stream with plant components were well underway. Due to the restructuring of the space program, the project was discontinued. Knolls Atomic Power l~b o r a t o r y IS operafedfor the U.S Departmen1 of Energy by KAPL. lnc.. a LockheedMar~in company PRE-DECISIONAL -For Planning and Discussion Purposes Only
doi:10.2172/883657 fatcat:lksaxsakv5ba5hnk2ievedh3im