Ultra-low power motion-triggered image sensor for distributed wireless sensor network

Guangbin Zhang, Tianhong Yang, S. Gregori, Jin Liu, F. Maloberti
Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 2003 (IEEE Cat. No.03CH37498)  
A I , digitalhnapr I I r -1 -I I I Abstract This paper describes a motion-triggered CMOS image sensor. It uses low resolution photosensor array with an ultra lowpower data converter in the read out circuit. The analog motion sensor shares the same photosensors using an interleaved structure. The motion sensor triggers the digiial imager and RF data transmission to the base station in case there are objects moving in the scene, otherwise, the system remains standby to save power. This design is
more » ... er. This design is specially optimized for veiy low power applications such as distributed wireless sensor network.
doi:10.1109/icsens.2003.1279123 fatcat:ptgloe23lze4pooebgu7ya2gu4