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Arnold De Haan, Willem Van Mechelen, Peter Beek, -Arnold De Haan, Ned) -Willem Van Mechelen, Ned) -Peter Beek, Ned
Welcome to Amsterdam Dear congress participant, On behalf of MOVE research institute amsterdam and the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research we welcome you to the capital of The Netherlands for the 19th annual ECSS Congress. The purpose of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS) is the promotion of Sport Science in an international, multi-cultural, multidisciplinary, as well as interdisciplinary context. Besides that ECSS recognizes that scientifi c excellence in Sport Science is
more » ... d on disciplinary competence embedded in the understanding that its essence lies in its multi-and interdisciplinary character. The scientifi c programme we offer you mirrors every detail of the above standing mission statement of ECSS. There will be plenary sessions about general subjects like 'Women versus men in sport and exercise', as well as many invited symposia about the latest scientifi c research results in a wide range of fi elds including sports medicine, social sciences and biomechanics. ECSS 2014 in Amsterdam will be a rollercoaster of knowledge. You will regret the fact that you have only two ears and two eyes. Especially because your scarce free time will be swallowed up by all the great attractions the city of Amsterdam has to offer. The historical architecture, the old masters and of course the canals are all must see's. Amsterdam is the perfect place for the annual ECSS Congress. Both at VU University Amsterdam and VU University Medical Center Amsterdam sports and human movement are studied in depth. At the MOVE research institute amsterdam researchers are constantly working on understanding and improving sport performance by studying biomechanical, exercise and muscle physiological, and perceptual and cognitive processes and factors. Research at EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research is devoted to the health aspects of sports and physical (in-) activity. The vast output is mainly in high-impact, refereed international journals devoted to both theoretical and applied aspects of sports and human movement research. We wish you a very pleasant stay in Amsterdam and an interesting congress experience.