Rola działu windykacji w procesie wspomagania zarządzania ryzykiem kredytu kupieckiego w przedsiębiorstwie

Dorota Strubel
2015 Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług  
The main purpose of this article is to show the role of the Collection Department in supportingthe credit risk management in an enterprise. Risk management policies may vary depending on a company, however there is a range of activities that can limit the risk. The author of the article has described the phases of the management process and the activities that support it such as: the need for verification of the financial reliability of the current and future contractor, proper trade contract
more » ... ncluding, the application of collateral, rapid response in the event of non-payment. The importance of using the age structure of the receivables has been indicated in the aspect of their monitoring as well as the system of delivery block for goods in terms of controlling credit risk.The results of the research, conducted by the author in 2010, on the factors influencing the effectiveness of debt collection have been used in the article.
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