Triple Band Slotted Patch Antenna with a Notch for Wi-MAX Communications

2020 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
A conventional probe fed square patch antenna with a triangular notch & a rectangular slot with perturbation is designed and simulated for triple band operation for applications in communication systems like Wi-MAX systems is presented. The antenna is designed on the glass epoxy FR4 substrate. With the fixed feed point location, the notch angle is varied from 1800 to 1400 resulting in single and dual resonance behavior of patch antenna. With the notch angle from 1800 to 1650 , antenna resonates
more » ... at a single frequency but on further reduction of notch angle from 1650 to 1400 , dual resonance behavior is noticed with improved bandwidth. The optimum performance is obtained for a notch angle of 1500 . The maximum radiation efficiency of ⁓ 40% is obtained. Further, a rectangular slot with perturbation at shorter edges give rise to additional resonant frequency. The other performance parameters of antenna are analyzed by varying notch angle and its position.
doi:10.35940/ijrte.b3824.079220 fatcat:x4chenluqzazvkl4m6lb4triwm