Association of Putative Members to Family of Mosquito Odorant Binding Proteins: Scoring Scheme Using Fuzzy Functional Templates and Cys Residue Positions

Malini Manoharan, Kannan Sankar, Bernard Offmann, Sowdhamini Ramanathan
2013 Bioinformatics and Biology Insights  
Proteins may be related to each other very specifically as homologous subfamilies. Proteins can also be related to diverse proteins at the super family level. It has become highly important to characterize the existing sequence databases by their signatures to facilitate the function annotation of newly added sequences. The algorithm described here uses a scheme for the classification of odorant binding proteins on the basis of functional residues and Cys-pairing. The cysteine-based scoring
more » ... me not only helps in unambiguously identifying families like odorant binding proteins (OBPs), but also aids in their classification at the subfamily level with reliable accuracy. The algorithm was also applied to yet another cysteine-rich family, where similar accuracy was observed that ensures the application of the protocol to other families.
doi:10.4137/bbi.s11096 pmid:23908587 pmcid:PMC3728099 fatcat:x6pb46455rdeviir3rrnz7xb5y