Evolution of the nuclear structure approachingNi78:βdecay ofCu74−78

J. Van Roosbroeck, H. De Witte, M. Gorska, M. Huyse, K. Kruglov, D. Pauwels, J.-Ch. Thomas, K. Van de Vel, P. Van Duppen, S. Franchoo, J. Cederkall, V. N. Fedoseyev (+11 others)
2005 Physical Review C  
A β-decay study of the even mass 74,76,78 Cu isotopes toward levels in 74,76,78 Zn was performed at the ISOLDE mass separator. The copper isotopes were produced in proton-or neutron-induced fission reactions on 238 U, laser ionized, mass separated, and sent to a β-γ detection system. Half-lives, decay schemes, and possible spin configurations were obtained for the copper isotopes. The results are compared with calculations using schematic forces as well as large-scale shell-model calculations
more » ... odel calculations with realistic forces.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.71.054307 fatcat:uoh4gfa4zvctdavzury3ceu3si