A construction of quintic rings

Anthony C. Kable, Akihiko Yukie
2004 Nagoya mathematical journal  
AbstractWe construct a discriminant-preserving map from the set of orbits in the space of quadruples of quinary alternating forms over the integers to the set of isomorphism classes of quintic rings. This map may be regarded as an analogue of the famous map from the set of equivalence classes of integral binary cubic forms to the set of isomorphism classes of cubic rings and may be expected to have similar applications. We show that the ring of integers of every quintic number field lies in the
more » ... image of the map. These results have been used to establish an upper bound on the number of quintic number fields with bounded discriminant.
doi:10.1017/s002776300000876x fatcat:vmp6khdtpfcdpftx57pziuqz6u