Parallelization of dynamic programming recurrences in computational biology

Arpith Jacob
Jacob, Arpith, "Parallelization of dynamic programming recurrences in computational biology" (2010). All Theses and Dissertations (ETDs). 169. The rapid growth of biosequence databases over the last decade has led to a performance bottleneck in the applications analyzing them. In particular, over the last five years DNA sequencing capacity of next-generation sequencers has been doubling every six months as costs have plummeted. The data produced by these sequencers is overwhelming traditional
more » ... mpute systems. We believe that in the future compute performance, not sequencing, will become the bottleneck in advancing genome I would like to thank members of International Friends who have provided community during the last six years. Finally, I would like to thank my Father and Mother who along with my brother have been unceasing in their support and encouragement throughout my life. I dedicate this work to my family.
doi:10.7936/k7fq9tnc fatcat:ua25ktlbuffgxnihr3iyir7cmq