Design Concepts for NiTiNOL Wires to Function as a Sensor

D. Josephine Selvarani Ruth
2021 Transactions of Indian National Academy of Engineering  
AbstractNickel Titanium Naval Ordinance Laboratory (NiTiNOL) is widely called as a shape memory alloy (SMA), a class of nonlinear smart material inherited with the functionally programmed property of varying electrical resistance during the transformation enabling to be positioned as a sensing element. The major challenge to instrument the SMA wires is to suppress the wires' nonlinearity by proper selection of two important factors. The first factor is influenced by the mechanical biasing
more » ... t and the other is to identify the sensing current for the sensing device (SMA wires + biasing). This paper focuses on developing SMA wires for sensing in different orientation types and configurations by removing the non-linearity in the system's output by introducing inverse hysteresis to the wires through the passive mechanical element.
doi:10.1007/s41403-021-00200-7 fatcat:6nookh3qynbsbdpsapxl4vfkuq