Sensing of Human Micro-vibration Transmitted Along Solid Using Pico-Tesla Magneto-impedance Sensor (pT-MI Sensor)

Kaneo Mohri, Y. Nakamura, Tsuyoshi Uchiyama, Yoshiyuki Mohri, Yuko Mohri, Y. Inden
2010 PIERS Online  
A new sensitive measurement method for the human micro-vibration (MV) is presented using a pico-Tesla resolution magneto-impedance sensor (pT-MI sensor). Various MV such as for the spinal-cord, the heart beat and following blood flow pulsation, and muscle tremors are stably detected by touching the skin position directly or indirectly via any solid transmission media to the sensor head which is dynamically rotated with more than 1.8 micro angular degree in the geomagnetic field. A blood flow
more » ... ld. A blood flow promotion effect is detected using the MV sensing at the shoulder and the back of subjects after application of 6 Hz, 1 µT pulse magnetic field in 10 min.
doi:10.2529/piers090831111225 fatcat:timli4w6mvc4hfwhdtofri7owu