O caráter sociocognitivo da metaforicidade: contribuições do estudo do tratamento de expressões formulaicas por pessoas com afasia e com Doença de Alzheimer

Edwiges Maria Morato
2008 Revista de Estudos da Linguagem  
In order to characterize the role of socio-cognitive dimensions of language in the context of aphasia and Alzheimer's Disease (AD), we intend to analyze linguistic and interactive aspects related to the process of interpretation of formulaic expressions by subjects with AD and also by subjects with aphasia both in their initial phases. Our data shows that subjects with aphasia and subjects with DA, in parallel with what happens in other contexts, operate a "metaphoric calculus" of expression's
more » ... eaning considering the context of production and pragmatic rules. Besides, our data also reveal that metaphors proper of formulaic expressions are understood by these subjects with the help of other cognitive processes and also because of their interpretative expectations of linguistic regularities relative to the "metaphoric calculus".
doi:10.17851/2237-2083.16.1.157-177 fatcat:octiplxgkvhw3f2tebzjwbub6u