Pituitary adenomas and their structure in a large industrial center (Novokuznetsk)

N. P. Shakhvorost, M. G. Zhestikova, V. I. Michkaeva, D. G. Dantsiger, T. P. Aikina, S. M. Bryzgalina, V. A. Minenkov
2009 Bûlleten' Sibirskoj Mediciny  
In 1992 Kemerovo region in the Russian Federation was first admitted as the area with an extraordinary ecological situation. Living in Kuzbass is factor of risk of forming of different endocrine diseases, deterioration of reproductive health, high quantities of individual and population risks of oncologist pathology, high levels of invalidism of population at able-to-work age because of environment pollution and harmful work conditions. The present study includes 299 sick people with confirmed
more » ... ple with confirmed diagnosis of adenomas of pituitary in the endocrine department of the town hospital № 1 for the period from 1995 to 2007 that is complete selection. Adenomas of pituitary are more often detected at people at active able- to-work age. Adenomas of pituitary are more often diagnosed at women 87,0%. The overwhelming majority of adenomas of pituitary (74,0%) is detected at the age of 20—50. Because of this disease 99 people (33,1%) have different degree of loss of their working ability. In the structure of adenomas prolactinomas dominate (53,5%), on the frequency of meeting hormonally inactive adenomas are on the second place (32,1%), somatotrophinomas are rarely met (in 11,7%) and the rarest ones at the population on Novokuznetsk are corticotrophinomas (in 2,7%). On dimensions of adenomas of pituitary microadenomas predominate — at 68,0% sick people. The relation microadenomas to macroadenomas is 17 : 22 at men and 187 : 73 at women.
doi:10.20538/1682-0363-2009-3(2)-55-60 fatcat:haqu2d5kkfgxlogadcbgdsxaya