Green nudging

Bonini Nicolao, Hadjichristidis Constantinos, Graffeo Michele
2018 Acta Psychologica Sinica  
Our current lifestyle is not sustainable. One way to increase sustainability is by developing greener technologies. Another, complementary way, is by altering people's attitudes, habits, and behaviors. Here we discuss six techniques that aim to gently push or nudge people towards more pro-environmental choices and behaviors. These techniques range from ones that can be applied from a distance, e.g., techniques which could inform the construction of communication messages, to ones that involve
more » ... anges in the context where the choice takes place. Therefore, the present review can be of interest to practitioners such as marketers, policymakers, and consumer representatives. For each technique, we discuss its theorized cognitive and/or emotional underpinnings. Furthermore, we identify gaps in the literature and ways in which future research could fill these gaps.
doi:10.3724/sp.j.1041.2018.00814 fatcat:lmfopyeewbe7jfoh3irea4d6ay