Mulheres e Valores do Trabalho: Estudo em Uma Multinacional

R.A. Brandão, S.B. Ferraz, T.C.B. Lima
2015 Revista Organizações em Contexto  
de mulheres que moram com os pais e de mulheres que exercem funções gerenciais. Abstract In the last years, women totaled significant achievements despite suffering gender inequalities in the labor market. The challenge of effective management of diversity, which contributes to the development of human resources in organizations as part of a significant group within organizations, in a force of increasingly varied work arises. It becomes pertinent the study of values assist in understanding the
more » ... n understanding the motivations and behaviors of workers, in addition to influencing decision-making manager. The study aimed to analyze the hierarchy of values of women's work to provide more specific information about their work motivations. This involved with the participation of 50 employees of multinational units with in Fortaleza, who responded to the Revised Work Values Scale (WVS-R). The results show that participants prioritize values regarding stability and Professional Achievement, and to a lesser extent, the Social Relations and prestige. It was also observed relationship between sociodemographic variables and values , and significant differences in the prioritization of values between the group of women who live with their parents and women who exercise managerial functions.
doi:10.15603/1982-8756/roc.v11n22p487-514 fatcat:h22mubsrx5dnvlxirtdwpfa5sa