Retrieval and Calculation of Vertical Aerosol Mass Fluxes by a Coherent Doppler Lidar and a Sun Photometer

Xiaoye Wang, Guangyao Dai, Songhua Wu, Kangwen Sun, Xiaoquan Song, Wenzhong Chen, Rongzhong Li, Jiaping Yin, Xitao Wang
2021 Remote Sensing  
The direct and indirect radiation forcing of aerosol particles deeply affect the energy budget and the atmospheric chemical and physical processes. To retrieve the vertical aerosol mass fluxes and to investigate the vertical transport process of aerosol by a coherent Doppler lidar (CDL), a practical method for instrumental calibration and aerosol optical properties retrieval based on CDL and sun photometer synchronization observations has been developed. A conversion of aerosol optical
more » ... s to aerosol microphysical properties is achieved by applying a well-developed algorithm. Furthermore, combining the vertical velocity measured simultaneously with a CDL, we use the eddy covariance (EC) method to retrieve the vertical turbulent aerosol mass fluxes by a CDL and sun photometer with a spatial resolution of 15 m and a temporal resolution of 1 s throughout the planetary boundary layer (PBL). In this paper, we present a measurement case of 24-h continuous fluxes observations and analyze the diurnal variation of the vertical velocity, the aerosol backscatter coefficient at 1550 nm, the mean aerosol mass concentration, and the vertical aerosol mass fluxes on 13 April 2020. Finally, the main relative errors in aerosol mass flux retrieval, including sample error σF,S, aerosol optical properties retrieval error σF,R, and error introduced from aerosol microphysical properties retrieval algorithm σ< [...]
doi:10.3390/rs13163259 doaj:01f196cde47742bbac1f8ab8496171df fatcat:sqlwzg66c5fcnhubt5lc2v7exe