Annual report of the telegraphy and telephony committee

Donald McNicol
1920 Journal of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers  
TECHNICAL COMMITTEE REPORTS 747 potentiometer equipment is also used for accurately recording and even controlling the acidity and alkalinity of solutions through the measure of the potential between two electrodes immersed in the liquid. The recording or indicating potentiometer when used in connection with thermocouples produce a very satisfactory and accurate record of temperature. The measurement of temperatures is, of course, directly related to design and operating requirements of
more » ... irements of electrical apparatus and these devices serve very satisfactorily indeed to analyze the daily or weekly cycles of thermal performance of cables, transformers, turbine generators or in fact any of the various commonly used types of apparatus in generating and distribution systems.
doi:10.1109/joaiee.1920.6592130 fatcat:hjtkrjektnar7j7uv3gkjvprem