French railway regulations

1847 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
French Railway I~ulalions. S01 will secure the best and most expeditious means of communication. This city, therefore, will be most benefitted by the adoption of the river routes. The adoption of the river routes greatly improves the general prospects of the railroad, and presents very fair prospects for its early completion. The adoption of the interior routes would materially diminish its usefillness and value, if constructed, and, moreover, by the discouragement it would throw on the
more » ... hrow on the stockholders~ would hazard the success of the enterprize. The latter remark cannot be regarded as unimportant, when it is considered that the new stock of the Company can now be purchased in the market at 20 per cent. discount, though only 25 per cent has yet been paid in. In view of the facts that have been presented, and the reasoning based on those facts, after carefifl deliberation, in rid[ Board, a majority of the Commissioners decided that the interior routes, through Sullivan and Broome counties, could not be adopted for thaL portion of the said railroad, ,'without great prejudice to the public interest of this State, and the interest of the citizens of this State who, in their judgment, will be affected by the construction and location of said railroad, collectively considered." And, in accordance with the requirements of the Act, they have filed such decision in the office of the Secretary of this State. JoirN B. JE~ws, t{OIIATIO ALLEN, JAgED W'IL S OIg, WILLIAM DEwEXr.
doi:10.1016/0016-0032(47)90294-9 fatcat:tppekxura5byjjwuugutsyoy3e