An improved method for staining kinetochores of human chromosomes

Junlin He, Xueqing Liu, Yubin Ding, Chao Yu, Yaguang Weng, Xuemei Chen, Rufei Gao, Yingxiong Wang
2009 Indian journal of experimental biology  
An improved method, which exhibited simultaneously clearly kinetochores and the nucleolar organizer regions of human chromosomes by pretreating of human metaphase chromosomes with HCl and NaOH, followed by staining with silver nitrate and visualizing using ammoniacal silver, is described in the present communication. It has important role for analysis of kinetochore variation, mechanism of chromosomal non-disjunction as well as identification of fuctional active centromeres.
pmid:19579804 fatcat:mloljd7tt5ftte2g6yamgyeqou