Wood Stains

1879 Scientific American  
shOUld be above all suspicion, to insure a steady sale of his I goods, which it protects from disturbance by breaking the prodUct, be the times good or bad, shock of the liquid. Before the steam is turned on, the Weightil at shingles differ according to the character and liquor is, of course. at the same level inside the fuse pipes specIfic gravity of the timber from which they are cut. In and in the kier. On admitting the steam it is driven up ordinary white pine a car load of 22,000 pounds of
more » ... of 22,000 pounds of green the space, D, where it lifts the indicator plate, J, and falls which exists at this moment in the liquid gelatine in a very finely divided molecular state will reunite in time and form thicker particles, and then the liquid will become milky. If I add a small quantity of sulphuric acid this will prevent the molecules from approaching, and the transparency will remain much longer; but, if I add ammonia instead,
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican12061879-3266bsupp fatcat:fhjr6vjm7ne7thzvivu774acei