Generalization of Wye and Delta auto-connections: Analysis of voltages and currents

Priscila da S. Oliveira, Rodolfo C. Fernandes, Falcondes J. M. de Seixas
2010 2010 9th IEEE/IAS International Conference on Industry Applications - INDUSCON 2010  
Multipulse rectifier topologies based on autoconnections, or differential connections, are more and more applied as interface stages between the mains and power converters. These topologies mitigate many low-order current harmonics in the utility, reducing the THD (total harmonic distortion) and increasing the power factor. This paper presents a mathematical model based on phasor diagrams, that results in a single expression able to unify all differential topologies connections (Delta and Wye),
more » ... for both step-up or step-down autotransformers, for 12 and 18-pulse AC-DC converters. The proposed family of converters can be designed for any relationship between the input voltage and the load voltage. An immediate application would be the "retrofit", i.e. to replace a conventional rectifier with poor quality of the processed energy by the 12 or 18 pulses rectifier with Wye or Delta-differential connection. The design procedure, simple and fast, is developed and tested for a prototype rating 6 kW and 250 V on the DC load I.
doi:10.1109/induscon.2010.5739916 fatcat:jb4j52ylsvh6hlzjx7xlvqvhli