Feedback can reduce the specification complexity of motor programs

M. Egerstedt, R. Brockett
Proceedings of the 40th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (Cat. No.01CH37228)  
In this paper, we show that when it is possible to use feedback in the specification of "motor programs," the length of the descriptions of the instruction sequences for carrying out a given task can be reduced by a factor that reflects the richness of the available feedback signals. The model on which this work is based is that of a finite automaton, modified in such a way that instruction processing is akin to the way in which difference or differential equations "process" piecewise constant
more » ... nputs. In terms of such "free-running" automata, we show that when feedback is available the length of the shortest description can be reduced by a factor depending on the ratio of the size of the entire state space to the size of the set of states for which feedback is locally effective.
doi:10.1109/cdc.2001.981138 fatcat:lujum3im4rcirbakoesy2pt45e