"How Technology Impacts Doctrine in Asymmetric Warfare" [thesis]

Jeremiah Rozman
How does technology impact military doctrine, and how does this in turn impact political support for offensive, preventative or preemptive military action? 1 I study defensive weapons systems, specifically focusing on missile defense in the theoretical context of technology and defense-based strategies as a whole. Through the study of Israel's use of Iron Dome, I aim to demonstrate that technology can be an exogenous factor affecting military doctrine. Through careful case study analysis, I
more » ... nstrate that operationally successful defensive technologies can lead to the adoption of a defensive military doctrine by decreasing the political cost of inaction to the extent that allowing attrition becomes politically less costly than launching an offensive.
doi:10.18130/v3d11r fatcat:dmcljdug6zelndwvxkyvpworba