Induction of autogamy by treatment with trypsin in Paramecium caudatum

K Mikami, S Koizumi
1979 Journal of Cell Science  
Firmly united conjugant pairs of P. caudatum were easily separated by treatment with trypsin, 0.025--1.0 mg/ml in 2 mM phosphate buffer at pH 7.2. Cytological observations showed that pairs separated by this means undergo normal meiosis and subsequent prezygotic divisions. Microspectrophotometric comparisons of G1 micronuclei in the parent with those in clones derived from prematurely separated conjugants indicate usually the same DNA content in both. The stock dm -13, heterozygous for mating
more » ... zygous for mating type gene loci, showed the definite ratio of segregation to 2 mating types in clones derived from prematurely separated conjugants. Those results suggest that the prematurely separated cells usually undergo autogamy.
pmid:422671 fatcat:as4tbskew5df5eqyhxtqvwdwfa