A Theoretical Base of the Upper Limit of Plate Counting Method

1988 Bulletin of Japanese Society of Microbial Ecology  
The upper limit of viable cell count by plate counting method was studied theoretically and experimentally. The probability which k-cfus make n-colonies, A(k, n), was expressed by the following equation: where p is the ratio of colonies' average area to plate area. From this equation it was indicated that as the values of p increased, fused colonies increased and the counts of colonies decreased. Similarly this phenomenon was also observed at the experiment and calculated values coincided with
more » ... he experimental values qualitatilvely. At this equation, using p/5 instead of p calcutated values coincided with the experimental values quantitatively. Therefore, it was concluded that this equation refrects the acutual plate counting and the upper limit of it had a theoretical base. In the present report this equation gave the upper limit of plate counting method a theoretical base.
doi:10.1264/microbes1986.3.1 fatcat:m2da7t6v7bbqvave3naww3zni4