International intercomparison of environmental measurements. Annual progress report, March 31, 1995--March 31, 1996 [report]

1998 unpublished
DE FG08-96NV13083 fbnding status To : Mike 0' Connell NN -20 FAX 202-586-2612 International Intercomparison of Environmental Measurements Purpose of the Studies: Produce a quick snapshot of measurement capability in the international arena. ate the weaknesses identified. 0 Identif) those laboratories of exceptional quality that may be used to evaluate international forensic problems. Status of the Planning and e First Round intercomparison study: Three US quaiity control programs have agreed to
more » ... participate with us in the intercomparison study and provide samples to participating laboratories: 1 .) The QAP program from the EML laboratory in New York city, 2.) the MAPEP program from the RESL laboratory in Idaho and 3) the NIST-N O M program from NIST in Gathersburg , MD. The first wiIl provide samples at no cost ( for an initial trial period) and the NIST program will cost $2500 per laboratory for an estimated 20 laboratories. An agreement has been reached with NIST to minimize the cost to -~ ._ ^_I._ __ _-- Only those institutions who cannot pay the NIST fee will be supported by DOE funds. At present several laboratories in Russia and one in China have requested financial support. By the end of October 1996, we should know how many laboratories will request support. - The oroiect study plan has been distributed to over 80 laboratories in 56 countries. Most have already indicated that they will participate or will seriously consider participation. Participants represent all continents of the world and many regional reference laboratories or national reference laboratories. (refer to the Table 1 below). 75 TechnaCenter Drive Montgomery, Alabama 3611 76035 (334) 242-2564 FAX (334) 242-0262
doi:10.2172/617619 fatcat:d6nhkk4ylvfthah2eksfwdyc5m