Kerkko Nordqvist
2014 Samara Journal of Science  
This paper discusses the Neolithization and its duration in north-east Europe, traditionally seen as peripheral - and not actually Neolithic. It is proposed, through the case studies of pottery, cultivation, settlement and mass production, that conventional, Eurocentric views and definitions of the Neolithic are inadequate - Neolithic and Neolithization are much more diverse and multifaceted phenomena when observed on Eurasian or global scale. Further, Neolithization does not imply simply a
more » ... nological or economic change but a more pervasive transformation in worldview. Neolithization in north-east Europe was a slow process, which took over two millennia, from the later 6th millennium BC to the mid-3rd millennium BC, or even further. Lastly, contrary to the traditional ideas propagating southern and ultimately Near-eastern origins, Northern Neolithic seems to have deep roots also in the East.
doi:10.17816/snv20143216 fatcat:ao7j5bd5uvfifht6ifhlt3jxlq