Image of Ukraine in the Works of Western Artists (Kyiv Murals)

Mariia Ospishcheva-Pavlyshyn
2021 Artistic Culture Topical Issues  
The article addresses the classification of Kyiv murals of the early 21st century, made by foreign artists (USA, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, South Africa, etc.). The image of Ukraine in the work of these artists, who got to know Ukraine forcedly, episodically, and inevitably scarcely, isthe image of the Other on the territory of this Other. As a result, "others" (foreign artists) overcome their own otherness and enter into
more » ... ultural dialogue with other culture and the city, the notable part of which their murals become. Along with animalistic motifs (mainly ornithological), this area is dominated by the archetypal images of Ukrainian history and culture, bizarrely supplemented by their own reminiscences and additions (mural Berehynia). However, signs of simulacrum is not the case. It is rather a carnival fantasy that traces the influence of Baroque culture, which has deep roots in Ukraine. There are precedents of collaboration with Ukrainian authors (mural Vidrodzhennia (Renaissance) by Julien Malland and Oleksii Kyslov). Occasionally, foreign artists use only certain attributes of local life (embroidery pattern), directly reflect on the impressions of the present, transplanting them into the European context (mural Night Kyiv). Also from time to time they turn to real characters of national history and culture (Serhii Nigoian, Lesia Ukrainka, in the latter case Guido van Helten boldly reformed the established image iconography of the "daughter of Prometheus", giving his heroine the features of a modern feminist), as well as sports (gymnast Hanna Rizatdinova). It was concluded that there is a long-term cultural dialogue between the West and Ukraine, with the first party presenting maximum interest and tolerance.
doi:10.31500/1992-5514.17(1).2021.235128 fatcat:l46huf2x5bg77hvv473wef4yce