Computational accuracy of radiation emerging from the ocean surface in the model atmosphere-ocean system

Kazuhiko Masuda, Tsutomu Takashima
1986 Papers in Meteorology and Geophysics  
Computational accuracy of the Cox−Mmk ocean surface model is discussed using the energy conservation of the incident radiation on it.The computational scheme in the atmosphere−ocean system is based on the doubling・adding method.Firstly,.w玉th the aid of the simple modification of the refraction matrix,computational accuracy is signi五cantly improved even in the small discrete system of(15,24),where the first and second numerals in the parentheses donote the discrete coordinates in the atmosphere
more » ... nd the ocean,respectively.Thismodification isnecessaryespecially for the computations of the radiation including polarization effect which require a great deal of computer time and memory space.Secondly,the effects of shadows,multiple refle¢tions,and refractions by the ocean surface are discussed to improve the accuracy.Finally,a computational example of albedo,the upwelling radiance and the degree of linear polarization at the top of the atmosphere−ocean system are discussed at wavelength O.5μm.
doi:10.2467/mripapers.37.1 fatcat:a4bhkh2thrfczdkev32p7glav4